KEEP Payday Lenders OUT of Arizona

Arizonans Oppose Predatory Lending

AZ state legislators on 2/29/2016 revived a bill to allow payday lenders to offer 204% APR "flex loans".  Senator Kavanagh’s original flex loan bill, SB1447  failed to pass in Senate finance committee hearing on a 2-3 vote.  The payday lender bill was resurrected using a strike-everything tactic that inserted the flex loan bill language into SB 1316.

Christian leaders plead for Arizona legislators to reject usurious lending bill, SB 1316

Colonel Lee Lange
US Marine Corps (Ret.):

"The U.S. Department of Defense found that predatory lending underlines military readiness. SB1447 deliberately puts our military community, including veterans and their families, in harm's way - like sending a soldier to battle without ammunition.  This Marine urges our legislators to vote no to the payday lenders' bill, SB1447"

Pastor Dr. Warren Stewart Sr. 

President of the Paradise Missionary Baptist State Convention of Arizona: 

"A vote in favor of SB 1316 is as deeply immoral. Payday lenders will trap people in modern-day debt slavery. It violates the Bible's teachings against usury and against taking advantage of the poor.  The choice before legislators is simple: God or Greed?" 

Arizona Coalition Files Measure to End Predatory Car Title Lending


Arizonans for Fair Lending, a coalition of individuals and organizations from across our state, has filed paperwork with the Secretary of State’s office as the first step to qualify a ballot measure for the November 2020 election. The measure, called the Arizona Fair Lending Act, would protect Arizonans from predatory, triple-digit rate car title loans which trap borrowers in a cycle of debt by reducing the rates of these loans from as much as 204% APR to 36% APR or lower.

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Payday Loan
Debt Trap Tracker


Consumer protections for payday and car-title loans, created by the previous leadership of the CFPB after years of research, were due to take effect on Aug. 19, 2019. Now, these latter-day loan sharks will trap more borrowers in vicious cycles of debt.


Since Director Kathy Kraninger has sided with the sharks and turned her back on consumers, American borrowers caught in this infamous debt trap have paid fees amounting to:

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New Report: Title Lending in Arizona 2019


The Southwest Center for Economic Integrity, a nonprofit organization based in Tucson, has issued an updated report on title lending in Arizona.

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