Arizona's Fintech Regulatory Sandbox

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On February 19, the Wyoming Governor signed HB 57, which creates a fintech sandbox program in the state. Wyoming is the second state to introduce a regulatory sandbox program after Arizona.



Senate Bill 860 filed on 2/15/2019 would create a regulatory sandbox in the office of the Texas Attorney General, modeled on Arizona's. 
See Blog post dated 2/18/2019



From the Heartland Alliance & the Illinois Asset Building Group


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Analysis Framework for Sandbox Proposals


Arizona's Regulatory Sandbox In The News


Have you heard of fintech? It can help with your finances, but beware of these risks, by Russ Wiles | Arizona Republic, March 17, 2019


FINTECH AND CONSUMER PROTECTION: A Snapshot, by Lauren Saunders | NCLC, March 2019


Comments submitted to the CFPB re: Policy on No-Action Letters and the Product Sandbox, feature an Overview of the Arizona Sandbox, Section 10.3.1, pp 48-52.  February 11, 2019


Are fintech sandboxes a consumer protection desert?

Lauren Saunders, Opinion Contributor | The Hill | November 29, 2018


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Jemima Kelly, Financial Times | November 11, 2018

Two more companies accepted into Arizona’s Fintech sandbox

Tim Gallen – Digital Editor, Phoenix Business Journal | November 1, 2018


Arizonans are unwitting subjects of state’s tech experiment

Tim Steller, Arizona Daily Star | March 31, 2018



Arizona Sandbox Participants