2022 Update to Car Title Lending in Arizona


The Southwest Center for Economic Integrity, a nonprofit organization based in Tucson, has issued an update to their report on title lending in Arizona.

2022 Update to: "Still Wrong: Wrecked by Debt" | CEI, March, 2022


The previous report on title lending in Arizona was issued in 2019.

STILL WRONG: Wrecked by Debt | CEI, August 4, 2019

Press Release | CEI, August 5, 2019


2022 Video by Pastor Randy Reynolds


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Arizona Coalition Ends Measure to End Predatory Car Title Lending

Press Release | AFL, February 3, 2020 

Arizona PBS Horizon interview with Kelly Griffith of CEI | August 15, 2019

Press Release | CEI, May 15, 2019

Payday Loan Debt Trap Tracker

Consumer protections for payday and car-title loans, created by the previous leadership of the CFPB after years of research, were due to take effect on Aug. 19, 2019. Now, these latter-day loan sharks will trap more borrowers in vicious cycles of debt.


Since Director Kathy Kraninger has sided with the sharks and turned her back on consumers, American borrowers caught in this infamous debt trap have paid fees amounting to:

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